Hi, I'm Tatjana

Born in South Africa to French and German parents and currently living in the south of France. My work has taken on various formats ranging from advertising, graphic design, entrepreneurship, translation (I speak English, French, German, Spanish and Afrikaans) to bicycle-trip guiding for Butterfield & Robinson around Europe and running my little social initiative, the Postcard Happiness Project.

My passion lies in art, illustration, photography, nature, hiking, cycling and exploring our magnificent planet and the natural wonders she has created. I sell my original artworks online, at local markets around the Luberon Valley and in galleries (watch this space). Feel free to request a commission. I'm always open to fun, challenging and interesting initiatives that blur the lines between art, adventure and travel - especially if they're in the line of service to our planet and her humans. If you'd like to collaborate or if you'd like to commission a painting, an illustration or a bicycle trip around France please get in touch.

Contact me directly for purchases, comissions or collaborations.