Hi, I'm Tatjana

Born in South Africa to French and German parents and currently living in the south of France. My work has taken on various formats ranging from working in Advertising, freelance graphic design, entrepreneurship (running and successfully completing a Kickstarter project), translating (I speak English, French, German, Spanish and Afrikaans) to bicycle-tour guiding around Europe and running my little social initiative, the Postcard Happiness Project.

My passion lies in illustration, art and photography. I'm currently taking on bespoke illustration work and focusing on my art while based in the south of France. I'm always open to exciting, challenging and interesting initiatives that blur the lines between art, adventure and travel. If you'd like to collaborate or if you'd like to comission iullustration or design work please get in touch.

To arrange a meeting for bespoke illustration or graphic design work insert your message in the message box below or contact me on skype. Skyper name: tatjanabuisson 

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